Paul Glass

“My daughter, Emily, attended Montessori in the Toddler and Preschool programs. One of the things that amazed me was her ability to read at such a young age. She never felt pressured and she just had FUN learning.  We play “school” at home almost every time we play together and she is the teacher. Her organization skills and passion for learning comes straight from Montessori. The staff was always friendly and Emily developed such an attachment to her school, that she still talks about it 6 years later. Montessori helped create a very strong foundation for Emily’s education career.  It’s the best thing I have spent money on for her future and I am glad I sent my daughter through Montessori Academy in Valparaiso.  ”





“The Montessori Academy of Valparaiso provided a unique learning opportunity for my son that was not available at other pre-school facilities. The teachers were encouraging and supportive which allowed my son to grow in confidence and prepare him for future success.


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